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CNSC 2008 Commentary: Final Round 1

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Finals 1

In his ongoing zeal to make sure no one gets any sleep, John Chew had us here at Austin Gallery at around 7 am. We were able to get the laptops plugged in and the chairs pulled up to the right tables.

A few cups of coffee later and the players were set up at the table in the room alongside the Gallery. David Boys (Dorval QC) arrived first and then a bit later Adam Logan (Waterloo ON) strolled in.

Since Dave had the better record, he gets to go first. Thus, Adam gets to choose his side of the table.

With little fanfare and a starting group of only 11 of us, 6 of us working, the game began!

Robin, clad in a long jacket, a hip low-slung belt, and stylish black flats, is emceeing as only she can, confidently, and looking quite unlike the mother of two.

We are missing two things: 1. Chris Lipe (who is stuck in traffic, we are told). He is our second annotator and John Chew is sitting in until he gets here. 2. A person in the audience running a sim. Where is John O'Laughlin or Jason Katz-Brown when we need them!

Joel Wapnick (Montreal QC) is in the audience and is happy that we've got no simming. He wants to be our human sim. We are enjoying it. I just asked Joel if he minded me referring to him as our "human sim" and Jill Turney (North Vancouver BC) found this funny.

This first game is moving slowly. We are not awake, any of us. Max Panitch (Toronto ON), however, looks the most sleepy! I think Tim Anglin (Toronto ON) is holding him up with his shoulder.

Lynda Wise is handling the big board while Gary Sagara is doing the big racks. Andy Saunders is beside me helping give us the racks.

John Chew writes, "Not clear to me why Adam didn't play FIERCELy." Robin responds that Adam missing bingos makes her feel much better, because if he can miss them, we all are permitted to miss them sometimes.

According to John, ICELIkE came down within a few seconds of DB's TIMID.

David tried TRIPTOTE* and Adam called it right off: a SOWPODS only word.

Robin says, in a lull, that she is TOTALLY impressed that not only did we start on time this year (she's been doing this for years and years), but we had the technology in place to get her the racks as soon as they are picked. Thanks Andy for being here and helping us make this happnen.

Lo and behold, Chris Lipe arrives. He drove like a maniac he says, and we are forcing him to get that mac laptop running some sims. For Chris' birthday, I suggest an alarm clock. I'm told it is in late September.

Since Adam now knows Dave's rack, he is going very slow, methodically. John suggests it is almost like an endgame, the pace, etc.

Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON) arrives, holding a plate of fresh fruit from the catering table. He sits down beside Joel Wapnick. I'm sure we'll hear of more plays.

Robin refers to Adam as an "equal opportunity vowel hoarder" when he draws AEIOU to add to his ES.

We are moving slowly....

Robin notes that there are not a lot of places to score now.


We all like BEiGNET. And it was the only bingo. We like it. We want some now, as a matter of fact...


WINCEY, was what he played. We all agree that we like it. Robin says, "no question. It is just the right play."

DB: AEGPRTU. Robin sees UPGATHER through an H. PUN was played to N in WINCEY. Quackle liked RUG/ERE/UT.


BEiGNET blocked RESIFTED down from the R for 95.

We have lost the Internet. I am running around like a chicken trying to get it done.

I return to hearing about choice remarks that David have for Adam because Adam set himself up with the W.

RATH, the most fun play of the game exclaims Robin and everyone else.



five in bag.

Robin says there is something to be said about not using up too much energy at this point. Just moving on. 373-276, Adam's lead.

Dave plays BHAGRA, Adam holds.

Robin says that Dave did this on purpose. Adam now knows Dave's rack, there is no reason for him to challenge, as Dave cannot bingo back.

Adam played BOLLIX. Adam missed WAXBILL for 81!! Ron Hoekstra (Kentwood, MI) found it.

Joel Wapnick says that this works out too, BOLLIX followed by AW/WRATH is better points wise. We decide Adam saw WAXBILL, but planned ahead. The wonder of thinking we are inside Adam's head from 200 meters away.

Dave sacrafices a lot of points, says Joel Wapnick, to play KA/AR to block Adam's AW/WRATH.

Final score of game 1 is Adam 454, Dave 308.

10-minute break. CTV is not interviewing the players now. Adam first. He is doing a great job!

We've lost our net, we will be back live when we can.