CNSC 2008 Early Bird

This year for the first time, the Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship will include an Early Bird tournament. Two players will be selected at the Early Bird to join the main event as wildcard entrants; one will be chosen if possible from among the players who are under 18 years of age as of April 4th, 2008.

Live Coverage

Live coverage for the Early Bird is limited to automated posting of the tsh tournament reports

Who Can Play

The Early Bird is open to any interested player, with the following conditions:

  • Total entry is restricted to 50 players.
  • Minors must present a completed minor release form signed by a parent or guardian at registration.

What They Win

The highest-ranked interested player who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident as of 2008-03-03 will qualify to play in the CNSC main event. He or she will not have to pay an additional entry fee to do so.

The highest-ranked interested player born on or after 1990-04-04 who is a Canadian citizen or permanent resident as of 2008-03-03 (not including the above-named highest ranked player, if they happen to be the same person) will qualify to play in the CNSC main event. He or she will not have to pay an additional entry fee to do so.

Remaining entry fees will be returned as prizes, less an amount reserved for expenses not to exceed $100. If Prizes will be paid out as follows:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 1st Youth 1st among bottom half by seed 2nd among bottom half by seed
$120 and ME Entry $100 $80 $60 $40 $80 and ME Entry $80 $40

A player eligible for two prizes will receive only the higher-valued one, valuing a main event entry at $75.

How To Register

Please contact John Chew by phone at 416-876-7675 between 10:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. Eastern time, by e-mail at or by postal mail at 9 Fulton Avenue, Toronto ON M4K 1X6. Provide your date of birth, Canadian citizenship or residency status and contact information for the morning of 2008-04-04.

Main event registrants may pay the $25 early bird entry fee at the door; others are asked to pay in advance by cash, cheque, Interac Email money transfer or Paypal (at A good place to pay in person is at the regular Wednesday meetings of the Toronto Scrabble Club.

What to Do on Friday Morning

Early Bird players should bring all equipment necessary to play a tournament game, at the risk of forfeiting their games: board, racks, tiles, tile bag, timer, scoresheets and pen.

Please arrive between 8:30 and 9:00 A.M. at the Austin Gallery on the 12th floor of One King West. Players who are not present as of 9:00 A.M. and have not called (416-876-7675) to explain their delay may not be included in the first round of pairings.

How the Event Will Run

The Early Bird will consist of one open division and seven rounds of tsh Chew pairings. It will be fully rated for NSA tournament ratings. There will be a break after the third round so that players can go out for lunch. The last games should finish at about 18:30; prizes will be awarded at the beginning of the main event at 19:30.

Web coverage of the Early Bird will be limited, but will include tsh reports and final standings.

Who Has Registered

A $ after a name indicates that the player’s entry fee has not yet been received.

RatingName Category
1619Lipe, ChrisOpen
1613Edelson, Mark$Main Event Registrant
1601Brown, Ross$Main Event Registrant
1566Parsons, Jeff$Main Event Registrant
1513Lobo, Yvonne$Adult Wildcard
1458Bowman, JosephAdult Wildcard
1428Spinner, BarryAdult Wildcard
1413Saunders, Andy$Adult Wildcard
1407Newman, GeoffreyYouth Wildcard
1400Bigall, VeraAdult Wildcard
1386Sealy, TrevorAdult Wildcard
1381Fernando, PriyaAdult Wildcard
1377Sinke, ArieYouth Wildcard
1367Cullman, Roger$Adult Wildcard
1363Rowland, Grant$Adult Wildcard
1357Fall, NicholasAdult Wildcard
1325Megannety, BrendaAdult Wildcard
1319Simpson, FraserAdult Wildcard
1319Miransky, AnnaAdult Wildcard
1173Peters, Eric$Adult Wildcard
1117Rawlins, GeneAdult Wildcard
1116Gibson, GeoffAdult Wildcard
1057Bathgate, JillianAdult Wildcard
1025Wigley, PaulAdult Wildcard
985Brown, DianeAdult Wildcard
950Hunter, Pam$Adult Wildcard
500Solmon, WesleyYouth Wildcard
0Pancer, Jeff$Adult Wildcard