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The 2005 Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship took place on June 9–11, 2005 at the Great Hall at 1087 Queen Street West (at Dovercourt) in Toronto. Please click on the "LIVE COVERAGE" link at left to see what happened.

This Championship, the fifth since its inception in 1996, will bring together the top fifty expert players from across the country to vie for the title of Canadian Champion, the right to represent Canada at the 2007 World Championship, and a prize pool totaling $12,150.

Among this year's players are all four past champions; 16 players who have played in all four past events; ten first-time competitors; players from a record seven provinces, two American states and the United Kingdom; players from 14 different NSA clubs including 22 from the oldest and largest club in North America, the Toronto SCRABBLE Club; 13 players who have represented Canada at World Championships; seven women and 43 men from 22 to 63 years of age.

Media inquiries are welcome at 416-876-7675. There is a gallery for spectators, and we encourage visitors to come either for Thursday night after hours play (where they can mingle with and play CNSC competitors) or to watch the Finals with live commentary on Saturday afternoon.

To find out more, please choose one of the links in the navigational bar at the left. ‘LIVE COVERAGE’ will take you to the results of the event as posted June 9–11.