CNSC 2005 Late Bird

On Sunday, June 12th, Craig Rowland will direct a one-day seven-round open late-bird tournament at the Port Credit Arena, 40 Stavebank Road, Mississauga.

We've added the Late Bird this year because of our change in schedule. At Hasbro Canada's request, the main event will run from Thursday to Saturday, which we hope will give easier access to the media and to senior Hasbro staff. However, since we'll have all the best players in Canada in one place and we would be wasting an excellent opportunity if we sent everyone home in the middle of the weekend, we're holding a separate "Late Bird" event.

The Late Bird is separately (and self-) funded, and will operate in all respects as a regular one-day tournament, which just happens to be scheduled conveniently for CNSC players. The entry fee is CAD 30.00, which local players are encouraged to pay to John Chew or Craig Rowland at their convenience, and which out-of-town players may pay at main event registration. There will be two divisions, split at 1400, with no playing up. Prize return will be at least 60%, most likely slightly more depending on player numbers and expenses. Because of our difficulty in finding a suitable venue, our seating capacity is limited to 44 players, so interested players should e-mail John Chew right away.

As of Fri Jun 10 08:37:57 EDT 2005 the following players have registered. (A $ indicates that an unpaid registrant.)

1821 Ron Hoekstra$
1775 Jim Nanavati
1631 Siri Tillekeratne
1776 George MacAulay
1818 Tony Leah
1673 Sinna Vijayakumar
1624 Hugh Currie
1484 Jason Ubeika$
1417 Trevor Sealy

1387 Yvonne Lobo$
1362 Roger Cullman$
1325 Mad Palazzo
1307 Jason Broersma
1260 Vivienne Muhling
1227 Gene Tyszka
1186 Jean Barinque
1153 Sid Lashley$
1137 Priya Fernando
1109 Valeria Kovacs
1090 Chris Landry
1047 Vera Bigall
 960 Allan Brown
 929 Mark Edelson$
 921 Kevin Turner
 914 Fraser Simpson$
 871 Don Ball
 819 Charles Helewa$
 772 Kaveri Raviraj
 698 Laurinda Lyn