CNSC 2005 Dining

The Canadian Championship will be held this year at the Great Hall at 1087 Queen St. W., on the southeast corner of Dovercourt Rd., in the West Queen West Art & Design District. WQW is a bohemian neighbourhood, and has a wide range of restaurants within walking distance.

At the high end is Mildred Pierce, at 99 Sudbury Street, a block south of the Hall, 416-588-5695. Reservations recommended.

If you like fast food, half a kilometre west and then half a kilometre south from the tournament site at King and Dufferin you can find: Burger King, Coffee Time, Quizno's Subs, McDonald's, Hasty Market, and a CIBC bank machine.

In between in price and stretched out along Queen Street in both directions are:

  • 1024 Queen St. W. Cafe Bernate, patio
  • 1028 Queen St. W. Classic Variety
  • 1050 Queen St. W. Knit Cafe, pastries, coffee and knitting supplies
  • 1112 Queen St. W. Friendly's Grill, $6 breakfast all day
  • 1122 Queen St. W. Queen's Grocery and Variety
  • 1124 Queen St. W. Pizza Pizza
  • 1138 Queen St. W. Saigon Flower, lunches and dinners from $5-$10
  • 1144 Queen St. W. Queen Star, Chinese and Canadian food, $3.50 breakfast, $5 lunch and dinner
  • 1150 Queen St. W. Drake Hotel, $20 lunch on the patio includes free wireless Internet
  • 1154 Queen St. W. The Beaconsfield, bar/patio, closed for lunch
  • 1166 Queen St. W. Thuc Hien, $7 lunch, $8 dinner
  • 1180 Queen St. W. Dome Restaurant (coffee shop/diner)
  • 1181 Queen St. W. Mr. Sub, Zacks Variety, Country Site Cafe
  • 1184 Queen St. W. Addis Ababa (Ethiopian)
  • 1186 Queen St. W. Star Convenience
  • 1192 Queen St. W. Beaver Cafe, breakfast, $13 lunch, $20 dinner, patio
  • 22 Northcote Ave. (just north of Queen, between Northcote and Gladstone) Price Chopper (large supermarket)
  • 1204 Queen St. W. Gladstone Hotel (bar)