CNSC 2005 Registration

Hasbro Canada will be holding the 2005 Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship on June 9-12 in Toronto at the Great Hall at 1087 Queen St. W. (at Dovercourt Rd.).

This web page describes how to qualify for and register for the 2005 CNSC. It was first posted for informational purposes in December 2004, and was approved and officially released with one minor change on March 9th, 2005.

If you're interested in playing in the CNSC, you must:

  1. as of April 13th, 2005 have Canadian citizenship or permanent resident status;
  2. be an NSA member in good standing;
  3. have played in fully-rated NSA-sanctioned tournaments between January 1st, 2004 and April 13th, 2005 totalling at least 30 games (tournament directors may count tournaments directed toward half of this requirement); and
  4. have submitted an entry fee and registration in time to arrive by April 13th, 2005.

The fifty players who meet the above criteria whose peak ratings (as usual counting ratings only after each fully-rated tournament) during the qualification period (2004-01-01 to 2005-04-13) are highest will be invited to play in the CNSC. If any of them are subsequently unable to play, the players with the next highest ratings will be invited to replace them. Players who pay and register but don't place high enough to play will have their entry fee cheques destroyed uncashed.

Current qualification standings were updated monthly, and (errors and omissions excepted) the version posted is the final, as of the end of the qualification period.

The entry fee is $75, and must be submitted in the form of a cheque payable to John Chew. If the cheque is not drawn on the registrant's account, please indicate in whose name the fee is being paid. Please send cheques to: John Chew, 9 Fulton Avenue, Toronto ON M4K 1X6. Local players can of course bring them to the Toronto SCRABBLE Club any Wednesday evening. Please attach a note giving your current e-mail address and other contact information, and your T-shirt size.