CNSC 2005 Scramble in the City

It's Saturday afternoon, the much-anticipated final match between the top two finalists in the 2005 Canadian National Scrabble Championships has just come to an end. The fun and games are over, done, finished, right? Not necessarily...

I Leaf Toronto invites all CNSC and non CNSC Scrabble players to join in a post-tournament, fast-paced tour of Toronto called Scramble In The City. It all starts at the Great Hall after the final match is over. Teams will be given a list of scrambled Toronto sites and landmarks they'll first need to anagram, and then visit on their way to the final destination, the Ben Wicks Pub in Cabbagetown, where CNSC contestant Fern Lindzon's jazz trio will be performing from 8:30 to 11:30 P.M. Teams will need to prove they visited the site by taking a digital picture of themselves there. The team that "collects" the most sites before they arrive at the final destination wins immense glory and a small prize.

To register for this fun, free event, e-mail I'll send an e-mail to everyone who has registered a week before the event with finalized details. Hope to hear from you soon!