CNSC 2005 Wrap Party

CNSC players, staff and fans are invited to celebrate the end of this year's Championship and toast the newly-crowned Champion on Saturday night at the Ben Wicks Pub at 424 Parliament Street, between Carlton and Gerrard, 416-961-9425, in Cabbagetown.

At the pub, top-ranked female CNSC contestant Fern Lindzon (on piano and vocals), bassist Kieran Overs and guitarist Ted Quinlan will be performing as the Fern Lindzon Jazz Trio from 8:30 to 11:30 P.M.

One way to get there by public transit is to take the Queen (502) streetcar to Parliament, then the Parliament bus up to Gerrard. Another is to take the Ossington bus up to Ossington station, the Bloor subway to Castle Frank station, then the Parliament bus down to Gerrard Street. The best way to get there is to join Heather McCall's Scramble in the City.

Fern writes: "On Saturday, June 11, I'll be back at the newly renovated Left Door/Ben Wicks Pub. For those of you who have not yet been to this beautiful space, it's definitely worth the trip to Cabbagetown. The food is fantastic and not expensive, the staff are wonderful, and the ambience is relaxed. Come for the food or a drink and stay for the jazz. There's no cover! You can even play Scrabble!"

If you're interested, there'll be a sign-up sheet posted at the Great Hall on Thursday, June 9th, so that we'll be able to make reservations.