CNSC 2008 Directions

Hasbro Canada will be holding the 2008 Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship on April 4–7 in Toronto in the Austin Gallery on the 12th floor of 1 King West at King St. and Yonge St.

[photo of south entrance to One King West] The main entrance to One King West, on the south side of the building, at Yonge and Melinda. The inobtrusive door at the bottom left of the image bypasses the lobby and goes directly to the elevators.

By Municipal Public Transit (TTC)

The easiest way to get to the venue from within Toronto on Friday, Saturday or Monday is by public transit to King subway station. On Sunday, the subway will not run early enough to arrive in time for the first game, although there is replacement bus service. The hotel is accessible from either the north exits at King and Yonge or the south exits at Melinda and Yonge. At King and Yonge, the hotel is on the southwest corner, with an entrance on King Street; go in, down the stairs and look for the elevators on the right. At Melinda and Yonge, if you go directly out onto Yonge Street, the hotel's main entrance will be directly in front of you; enter and look for the elevators on your left. If instead you follow the signs for Commerce Court and the PATH network and exit the subway station underground into the mall, look immediately on your right for the entrance to the hotel. King subway station is not wheelchair-friendly, but the neighbouring stations (Queen and Union) are, and are not too far away. The easiest thing to do is probably to go to Union station and then proceed as described below at street level to the Melinda Street entrance.

[photo of north entrance to One King West] The north entrance to One King West, at Yonge and King. Go in the doors that appear to be behind the red light, go down the stairs and then look for the elevators on your right.

As of Friday, March 28th, TTC contract talks have resumed, and there is reportedly no chance of a strike during the CNSC.

By Commuter Rail (GO Transit)

1 King West is also within easy walking distance of Union Station, which is served by GO Transit commuter rail. If you take the train that arrives from the west at 8:07 A.M., you should arrive easily in time for breakfast. If you miss it and are on the 9:07 A.M. train, you might make it in time not to forfeit your first game, but you should call me to say that you are on the way. Trains arrive from the east at 7:37 A.M. and 8:37 A.M.: you'll be a little early but welcome to wait for breakfast on the earlier train and you might want to call ahead to have someone save you a pastry if you're on the later one. From Union Station, if you would like to try navigating the world's largest (and not least confusing) interconnected system of underground malls, PATH, you can make your way to the hotel without seeing the light of day, through the Canada Trust Tower, Bay Wellington Tower and Commerce Court. (In theory, PATH is wheelchair-friendly; in practise, there can be a long wait to call an attendant to operate some lifts.) If the weather is fair, it is faster and easier to exit out onto Front Street, go east to Yonge Street and north to the hotel's Melinda Street entrance.

By Car

Valet parking is available at 1 King West for $40 per day. Weekday daytime parking in nearby lots (mostly east of the venue, with prices decreasing as you go north) is $15–20 per day, with an additional evening charge. Weekend and evening parking varies substantially depending on what other events are taking place. There is a large lot about a ten-minute walk northeast, on the north side of Queen Street East, east of Church Street, that advertises $8 weekend daily rates every weekend.