CNSC 2008 Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded at CNSC 2008. All cash prizes will be mailed to winners by cheque as soon as results have been verified. See also the final list of prizewinners.

First Place Winner$7,000
Second Place Winner$2,500
Third Place Winner$1,000
Fourth Place Winner$500
Fifth Place Winner$350
Sixth Place Winner$250
Seventh Place Winner$100
Eighth Place Winner$100
Ninth Place Winner$100
Tenth Place Winner$100
Highest Scoring Word of the Day$25 each day
Best Daily Record$25 each day
Michael Wise Memorial Sportsmanship AwardSamBoard

Players may win at most one cash prize Should a player be eligible for two or more prizes, they will be awarded the prize listed first above, and the remaining prizes will be awarded to the next qualifying player. In the event of a tie, prizes for the top ten players will split among tied players and $25 prizes will be awarded to a tied player selected at random. The total prize pool will be $12,150.