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2005 Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship Commentary: Final Round 2

Congratulations to the first-ever two-time Canadian Champion, Adam Logan!

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Finals 2

Tony went first and held DEINUUY. He played UNDY and we thought he might have passed YUU instead.

Adam, holding LIIRNUF, plays UNIFY and that is agreed to be a good play.

Tony, with AEHITUZ. The crowd suggests ZITI and Robin worries about the UH leave. He plays HUT setting up his zed, which Robin thinks is just great. The whole audience agrees and cheers for Tony thinking ahead so well.

Adam holds HILORTV and plays HID, taking the zed spot and the crowd "ahhhhhhhs," out of sadness for the lost opportunity for Adam.

Tony hols AEIZADV and plays VAC/CHIT, which everyone likes.

Adam holds GKLORTV.

Room dynamics are now Robin on the microphone, Lisa Kessler (Toronto ON) on the racks, Joseph Bowman on the scores, which are now being posted on two clipboards in a large handwritten style. Gregg Foster is handing Lisa the tiles, so we are working much more smoothly this round!

Adam played GUV.

Tony holds AEEGILZ and I hear ZED suggested. He played GAVE. Robin wonders why not GIVE, but thinks that he prefers teh synergy of IEZ perhaps.

Adam has DKLORTY. Robin wonders if this is great or awful and decides it gives us a lot to think about. Robin suggests DRYLOT. Adam plays it and Tony holds. Out of courtesy, Adam takes a long time drawing tiles in case Tony wants to challenge. He doesn't.

Tony holds EEILNZ?. Robin suggests SNEEZILY, she is told it isn't good. Tony plays it for 90. He is on hold. A minute has gone by and Tony draws and then Adam challenges.

Lisa Kessler kindly put it up for us to see and now it is coming down. Dave Boys suggests LEzZIE/EGO, which Robin likes and praises him for.

I'm told by John Chew that Adam is now in his "hiding his chin in his collar" mode. Someone suggests WYNS for Adam.

Robin congratulates Tony on not playing scared.

Adam plays WONK/NEW. John Chew suggests perhaps Adam is hoping that since Tony missed LEZZIE last time, he'll miss it again. Robin concurs.

Tony has EEILNZ? again and he played DIZEN from the D. Robin and the crowd agree that there is no way that Tony knows that Adam has two Ss on his rack!

Adam has BMOSSTT. Zev Kaufman (Toronto ON) suggests STOB/WONKS. Robin likes that play. Trevor suggests playing MOB beside DIZEN. And Trevor and Adam agree, as that is what Adam plays. Robin says that Adam's playing style this tournament has really surprised her. She thinks he might have uncoupled the Ss and Ts instead.

Tony has ABEELO?. No one is suggesting any sevens. John Chew sees OBEYABLE and LEEBOARD, neither of which was played ZOEAL.

Adam holds RRSSTTX and I hear Robin say that Adam has troubles. Adam plays TYRES for 8 points. And this is the best play according to Maven. Hard to believe that an 8-point play is the best!

Tony holds ABDEEN? Robin sees ENDAMEBA to the A in VAC. John agrees to seeing it with Maven. Tony plays NEB, missing it.

The score is now 140-140!

Adam holds AORSTUX. Robin suggests SUBTAXA maybe... Adam is in a tight spot here. His best scoring plays leave the X in the triple triple area. Adam plays BOX instead of BORAX.

Tony plays COLANDER for 73. The crowd approves.

Adam holds ACERSTU. David RUT under BOX, setting up Adam's S hook, getting rid of a U.

Tony holds EEIITTW now. Everyone agrees that WITE is best. And he plays it. yeah!

Adam has ACEMQRS. QAT is played within a second or two, everyone agrees that it was the right play.

Tony holds AEINPST and plays PATINES, we all concur.

Adam holds CAMERAS and gets it down to ORS.

Tony holds DEIILOP. Suggestions are DOL. Robin suggests getting rid of an I, LID maybe.

Robin is so excited that the game is going well for Tony. The crowd agrees.

Adam has AEEEFRS. And Robin says that Adam has nothing but "good stuff" left in that bag. FREES is suggested. Robin suggests FEE/OWE/LIE. Adam is behind, 294-356. Craig suggests fishing for FREESIA. Adam plays FREE/OWE/LIE.

Tony has EGIIJOP.

All the crowd can focus on is Adam's last rack of AEIORS?

Robin dropped the microphone, wanting Tony to win this game to lengthen the championships and she fears Adam will bingo out and win.

Back to Tony. He plays JO, the crowd sighs....

Evan shouts FARINoSE and that is what Adam plays to bingo out and win game 2.

robin said 'pig' off of hut would have blocked both bingo lanes

So, Adam wins, 402-385, we think.

Thanks to all that made this work.

Adam Logan (United Kingdom) beats Tony Leah (Ajax ON) 402-385 and leads 2-0. See recorded game.