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2004 National SCRABBLE® Championship Photos: Round 1

[ Congratulations to the new National Champion, Trey Wright, who defeated David Gibson in three straight games, 365-328, 355-344 and 429-328. Please tune in to ESPN to watch the final games at 1 P.M. ET on Sunday, October 3rd, 2004. We welcome your e-mailed corrections to our web site. ]

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Photo 01-001

Division leaders and assistants meet before the doors open.

Photo 01-002

The left side of the room from a peephole above the room's entrance doors. Note the stage and bank of pairing computers atop the black stage on the left side.

Photo 01-003

Center view of the playing room before game boxes are even opened. The room never looked this neat again!

Photo 01-004

Right side of playing room from above.

Photo 01-005

The press table to the left of the entrance doors. Note the big board.

Photo 01-006

The Word Gear table full of great SCRABBLE® -themed gear to the right of the entrance doors. The table never looked this full again!

Photo 01-007

Another view down the middle.

Photo 01-008

Event assistants: Jeannette Rudolph & Emily Goodman (both division 1), Jack Howe (division 2), Torild Ofstad (division 3), Marlene Lashley (division 4), Beverly Beane (division 5), Sunshine Lewis (division 6), and Antoinette Sealy (division 7).

Photo 01-009

Division Leaders: Bonnie Rudolph (division 1), Mary Rhoades (division 2), Larry Rand (division 3), Bryan Pepper (division 4), Wendell Smith (division 5), Matt Hopkins (division 6), and John Robertson (division 7).

Photo 01-010

The computer staff: Jeff Widergren (Los Gatos, CA), the program creator, Christina Coughlin (divisions 6 & 7), Howard Turkenkopf (division 2), Fleurette Turkenkopf (division 1), William Saines (division 5), Tony Wilson (division 3), and Ashvin Shah (division 4).

Photo 01-011

All in their places with bright shiny faces: John Robertson, division 7 leader, and Antoinette Sealy, his helper.

Photo 01-012

Waiting outside to come in!

Photo 01-013

Division 6's Deborah Light (Napanee ON) uses her credit card sized light to illuminate the morning's pairings.

Photo 01-014

Chuck Armstrong (Saline, MI) prepares to enter the playing room.

Photo 01-015

The players rush in.

Photo 01-016

More players move in and Harriette Lakernick (Chicago, IL) tries to avoid the camera.

Photo 01-017

Robin Bowles (Lake Oswego, OR), Stan Miranda (Albuquerque, NM), and Susan Love (Milwaukee, WI) stop to visit in the room's entrance.

Photo 01-018

Fashion contributors: Debbie Stegman (Kew Gardens, NY) in her "deadwood" hat (she was making a statement about a top division player who thought the division had too many low-rated players) and Diane Firstman (Brooklyn, NY) in her "What Would Joel Do?" T-shirt.

Photo 01-019

Frank Lee (Cincinnati, OH) and Ann Sanfedele (New York, NY) work their way to the other end of the room and their tables.

Photo 01-020

"Where am I playing again?" Players mill around their division boards trying to get the lay of the pairings.

Photo 01-021

A crowd around the division boards.

Photo 01-022

Player cards yet to be picked up with orange (division 1) in the foreground.

Photo 01-023

From the middle looking down toward division 3, 4, 6, and 7.

Photo 01-024

From the middle looking up the room to division 5, 1, and 2.

Photo 01-025

The NSA's John D. Williams, Jr., and current reigning National SCRABBLE® Champion, Joel Sherman (Bronx, NY).

Photo 01-026

One of the WordJudge-equipped laptops on an oyster table in the middle aisle of the playing room.

Photo 01-027

An NSA Word Gear product put into service at the WordJudge table.

Photo 01-028

Players in division 5 removing the cellophane on their new deluxe sets.

Photo 01-029

Korakoch Kiatsommart (Winter Park, FL) and Daniel Stock (Rocky River, OH) remove the board components from the game box in division 2.

Photo 01-030

Charles Merlis (West Hartford, CT), in division 2.

Photo 01-031

Hair sticks that match the division color, now that is coordination!

Photo 01-032

Betsey Wood (Concord, MA) in division 5.

Photo 01-033

Laura Klein, NSC Coordinator, makes opening comments.

Photo 01-034

A challenging first game draw for Daniel Wachtell (New York, NY) as he faces off with Brian Cappelletto (Chicago, IL) in division 1.

Photo 01-035

Panupol Sujjayakorn (Thailand) vs. Jonn Dalton (Austin, TX), division 1.

Photo 01-036

James Leong (Vancouver BC) vs. Laurie Cohen (Tempe, AZ) (back), and Carol Kaplan (San Diego, CA) vs. Marlon Hill (Baltimore, MD). Notice Marlon's chair position.

Photo 01-037

Dave Wiegand (Portland, OR) fills in his racks after the game finishes. He defeated Frank Tangredi (West Babylon, NY) this round.

Photo 01-038

Charnwit Sukhumrattanaporn (Thailand) flips through a word list book.

Photo 01-039

Rebecca Slivka (Seattle, WA) vs. Bernard Gotlieb (Cote Saint-Luc QC). See commentary.

Photo 01-040

Peter Schwartzman (Galesburg, IL) successfully challenges Sammy Okosagah's (Baltimore, MD) play of SPAINS# using a WordJudge laptop.

Photo 01-041


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