CNSC 2005 Player Roster: Detailed, Alphabetical

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  Player Details

Chuck Abbate

35, Veterinarian

Quispamsis, NB

First-time competitor


Timothy Anglin

63, retired teacher

Scarborough, ON

Record: 30th (1996), 31st (1998), 29th (2000), 20th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Atlantic City, Buffalo, Bozeman, Alaska Cruise, Mississauga, Daytona

Hobbies: flyfishing, Scrabble


Evan Berofsky

29, Soon-to-be-returning university student, freelance writer, disturber of peace

Thornhill, ON

Record: 24th (2000), 3rd (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2002-06, 2004-06 Livonia MI; 2003, 2004 Toronto Club Champion; 2003-11 Brantford ON

Hobbies: Anything to get my mind off of Scrabble...


David Boys

41, Programmer analyst

Dorval, QC

Record: 5th (1996), 5th (1998), 18th (2000), 1st (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 1995 WSC; 2002-03 Toronto West, ON; 2002, 2004-05 Montreal, QC; 2003 CNSC 2005-01 Kingston, ON

Hobbies: Softball, Hockey, Poker, Neerdowelling


Barbara Bultz

55, Teacher

Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

Record: 27th (2003)


Shannon Burns

32, Health Records / Graphic Design

Airdrie, AB

First-time competitor

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2004-03 Calgary AB; Member of the National Cartoonists Society

Hobbies: Hiking, Bible study, avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome


Jim Carlton

47, Mail Sorter/Courier for Purolator Courier

London, ON

First-time competitor

Hobbies: Biking, reading, walking, playing video games with my son, listening to music


Arthur Carvalho

47, Manager

Dollard-des-Ormeaux, QC

Record: 45th (2003)


Emanuel Chicoine

28, Studying for LSATs

Montreal, QC

First-time competitor

Awards and Tournament Wins: Graduated magna cum laude from McGill

Hobbies: Poker, reading, movies


Lou Cornelis

56, Actuary

Ottawa, ON

Record: 36th (2003)


Salvatore Desiato

42, Actuarial analyst

Toronto, ON

Record: 23rd (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2001 Toronto SCRABBLE Club "B" Division Champion. Is 1-0 in tournament play vs. the 2003 Canadian Champion.

Hobbies: Crosswords, biking, soccer dad, watching baseball


John Dungey

50, Co-owner of a business manufacturing wooden pallets

Mitchell, ON

First-time competitor

Awards and Tournament Wins: MMath, University of Waterloo

Hobbies: Yoga, watching Art House movies, vegetable gardening, walking the dog, reading and crossword puzzles


Glenn Dunlop

60, Retired

Brantford, ON

Record: 7th (1996), 13th (1998), 17th (2000), 29th (2003)

Hobbies: Bicycling, reading, sports


Linda Espallardo

63, retired

Cote Saint-Luc, QC

Record: 25th (1996), 18th (1998), 34th (2000)


Ray Francis

44, Systems Manager

Pickering, ON

Record: 24th (1996), 28th (2000), 18th (2003)

Hobbies: Squash, golf


Shaun Goatcher

53, Retired

Mississauga, ON

Record: 4th (1996), 11th (1998), 36th (2000), 17th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 18 tournament wins, most recently at Cambridge ON 2005-04

Hobbies: Music (guitar), antiques


Andrew Golding

39, Programmer

Verdun, QC

Record: 20th (1996), 6th (1998), 37th (2000), 10th (2003)

Hobbies: Music


Albert Hahn

57, Courier, cube truck

Calgary, AB

Record: 16th (1996), 2nd (1998), 4th (2000), 44th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2004-01 Calgary AB, 2004-05 Calgary AB

Hobbies: I like watching movies and theatre, especially with singing and dancing. I don't do any singing or dancing. It's a legal thing.


David Hermanson

44, Graphics Software Supervisor

Temple City, CA, United States

First-time competitor

Hobbies: Adventure travel


Jeremy Hildebrand

29, Animation artist

Ottawa, ON

First-time competitor

Hobbies: Golf


Ron Hoekstra

36, Accountant

Kentwood, MI, United States

Record: 32nd (1998), 1st (2000), 11th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2000 Canadian Champion; 2004-06 Port Huron, MI; 2004-10 Petosky, MI

Hobbies: hockey, keyboards, languages


Zev Kaufman

58, Contractor

Toronto, ON

Record: 6th (1996), 24th (1998), 8th (2000), 9th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Qualified for Canada's Team to World Championships 4 times. Toronto Club Champion 12 times.

Hobbies: Talmud and Kabbalah


Lisa Kessler

50, Montessori Teacher

Toronto, ON

Record: 15th (1998), 46th (2000), 41st (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Codirector of NSA Club #3 (Toronto); Advisory Board member

Hobbies: movie buff, snorkling, crafts


Jason Krueger

35, Investor relations / corporate finance consultant

Calgary, AB

First-time competitor

Hobbies: playing with my kids, taking my bride out to dinner, volunteering at church


Tony Leah

55, union education coordinator

Ajax, ON

Record: 7th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 7th place, 2003 CNSC

Hobbies: labour history, book collecting


Stuart Levinsky

42, President of a computer integration firm

Thornhill, ON

Record: 50th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Basketball bronze medalist, 1985 and 1989 Maccabiah Games

Hobbies: Golf, softball, weightlifting


Fern Lindzon

47, musician

Toronto, ON

Record: 35th (1998), 42nd (2000), 16th (2003)

Hobbies: who has time for hobbies when there's Scrabble?


Adam Logan

30, lecturer

Liverpool, United Kingdom

Record: 1st (1996), 4th (1998), 2nd (2000)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 1993, 1998 Waltham Premier; 1996 NSC; 1996, 2005 CNSC; 2004 British Elimination ST; 2005 Durham (11-0); etc.

Hobbies: reading, music, walking


George MacAulay

56, Miner

Saskatoon, SK

Record: 28th (1996), 14th (2000), 4th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2002-03 Vancouver BC

Hobbies: Long distance running and gym


Carl Madden

29, Lead generator

Brantford, ON

Record: 26th (2000), 35th (2003)

Hobbies: baseball,


Heather McCall

31, Copywriter/Editor

Toronto, ON

First-time competitor

Awards and Tournament Wins: I'm too young to have won anything of real merit :)

Hobbies:, Healthy Living


Glenn Mosher

47, IT Contractor

Toronto, ON

Record: 19th (1998)

Hobbies: long-distance running, raising orchids, scuba diving, backpacking in the Third World


Jim Nanavati

48, Teacher

Burlington, ON

Record: 26th (1996), 8th (1998), 9th (2000), 14th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Some Scrabble Tourneys

Hobbies: Scrabble, reading, biking


Steve Ozorio

47, Hotelier

Mississauga, ON

Record: 46th (1998), 43rd (2000), 33rd (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Bahrain Champion 1987/1988

Hobbies: Scrabble, chess


Danny Panganiban

55, Senior cathodic protection technologist

Calgary, AB

Record: 44th (1998), 41st (2000), 28th (2003)

Hobbies: Tennis, Reading


Maxim Panitch

30, student

Toronto, ON

First-time competitor

Hobbies: baseball, photography


Libero Paolella

50, bicycle courier

Toronto, ON

Record: 11th (1996), 9th (1998), 7th (2000), 12th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2nd. Reno 1991

Hobbies: chess, bridge, cycling


Jeffrey Parsons

42, University Professor

Logy Bay, NL

Record: 36th (1996), 30th (1998), 13th (2000), 19th (2003)

Hobbies: Fly fishing, Squash, Ocean Kayaking


John Robertson

41, Bookkeeper, private tutor, writer

Cambridge, ON

Record: 21st (2000), 24th (2003)

Hobbies: Scrabble, Softball umpire, Trivia, Sports research


Craig Rowland

39, Library Assistant

Mississauga, ON

Record: 12th (1996), 20th (1998), 33rd (2000), 8th (2003)

Hobbies: Minority European languages; studying Sursilvan Romansch in Switzerland during the summer of 2005; Ultra Bra; Värttinä


Dean Saldanha

22, student/service

Richmond, BC

Record: 2nd (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: represented Canada at 2003 Worlds; 2005-03 Vancouver, BC

Hobbies: hockey, soccer


Trevor Sealy

55, Accountant

Oshawa, ON

Record: 20th (2000), 43rd (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: Currently Director Of Club #263 in Oshawa Ont. Canada

Hobbies: Tennis,Baseball,


Fran Silver

61, Teacher

Cote Saint-Luc, QC

Record: 14th (1996), 7th (1998), 22nd (2000), 13th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 2005-01 Melbourne, FL


David Stokoe

39, Scrabble Bum

Windsor, ON

Record: 25th (2003)

Hobbies: Running


Christopher Sykes

39, Computer Programmer

Cambridge, ON

Record: 3rd (2000)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 3rd Canadian Nationals 2000

Hobbies: nothing in particular


Siri Tillekeratne

63, Consulting Engineer/College Lecturer

Calgary, AB

Record: 23rd (1996), 25th (1998), 16th (2000), 39th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: NSA Director of the Year 1996

Hobbies: Reading


Jason Ubeika

30, Tax Accountant

Mississauga, ON

First-time competitor

Awards and Tournament Wins: NSA wins: 2003-01 Oshawa, ON Div. 5, 2003-18 Cambridge, ON Div. 3, 2003-10 Cambridge, ON Div. 2

Hobbies: Bowling, dragon boating, volleyball, baseball


Sinna Vijayakumar

56, Electronic Manufacturing Services

Mississauga, ON

Record: 38th (2003)

Hobbies: Sports and Music


Joel Wapnick

59, University professor

Montréal, QC

Record: 3rd (1996), 1st (1998), 15th (2000), 15th (2003)

Awards and Tournament Wins: 1983 NSC, (2nd) 1993 WSC, 1998 CNSC, 1999 WSC, (2nd) 2001 WSC

Hobbies: Scrabble (more than a hobby)


Lynda Wise

60, Personal Life Coach and Weight Loss and Wellness Coach

Toronto, ON

Record: 35th (1996), 37th (1998), 50th (2000), 37th (2003)

Hobbies: food, tennis, movies - did I forget to mention Scrabble?