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2005 Canadian National SCRABBLE® Championship Photos: Round 9

Congratulations to the first-ever two-time Canadian Champion, Adam Logan!

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Photo 09-001

CNSC Codirector John Chew in an interview with SportsNet.

Photo 09-002

Adam Logan (United Kingdom) annotated by team Kate Boys and Rebecca Soble and Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC) annotated by the hidden and apparently very thin team of Kristen Chew and John Stardom.

Photo 09-003

Adam Logan (United Kingdom) vs. Dean Saldanha (Richmond BC). See commentary.

Photo 09-004

Fern Lindzon (Toronto ON) vs. Evan Berofsky (Thornhill ON). See commentary.

Photo 09-005

David Hermanson (Temple City, CA) cleans up tiles after his game.

Photo 09-006

Libero Paolella (Toronto ON) vs. Jim Carlton (London ON). Siri Tillekeratne (Calgary AB) is also at their table.

Photo 09-007

Trevor Sealy (Oshawa ON) vs. Heather McCall (Toronto ON). See commentary.

Photo 09-008

Tony Leah (Ajax ON) vs. Craig Rowland (Mississauga ON). See commentary.

Photo 09-009

Kristen Chew administering cranial head massage to John Chew.