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December 29th, 2011: EONISM

Definition: EONISM*EONISMS n adoption of the dress and mannerisms of the opposite sex

Anagrams: monies

Hooks: Peonism eonismS

Ana-hooks: Anomies Domines emoDins Homines imPones inComes Lomeins meRinos mesoniC mesTino misDone moisTen noisOme senTimo Winsome

'Typos': monism

Blana-grams: Amines Amnios Animes Anomie Biomes Conies Cosine Demons Denims Domine Donsie eGoism eiKons eLoins emoDin enoKis enosiS enVois eosinE eosinS esSoin Genoms Gnomes Hemins Homies iCones imInes imPone imPose inCome inmesH inmosT inseAm insoLe ionIse iRones isomeR Koines Lemons Lesion Limens Lomein meLons meRino mesiAn mesonS miMeos minCes mineRs minKes minoRs minXes mioseS misPen miZens moiRes moLies moLine monDes moneYs monieD monisH monisT monTes moVies moXies mYosin noesiS noiseD noiseS nomisM nosieR noWise oiLmen oLeins onsiDe oPines osCine osSein oVines oXimes Ponies Rimose seminA senioR seRmon simneL simonY simoOn soCmen soiGne soLemn somiTe somOni sonSie soZine Venoms Winoes

Extensions: PeonismS

Sub-anagrams: em ems en ens eon eons eosin es in ins ion ions is ism me men meno meson mi mien miens mine mines mis mise miso mo mon monie mons mos ne nim nims no noes noise nom nome nomes noms nos nose oe oes oi om omen omens oms on one ones ons os ose sei semi sen si sim sin sine so som some son sone

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