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North American Word Game Players Association

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The North American Word Game Players Association (NAWGPA) is a nonprofit corporation incorporated in the State of Texas. It does business as under the registered DBA “NASPA”.

Its purpose, as stated in Article 5 of its Articles of Incorporation is as follows.

This nonprofit corporation is organized exclusively for the purpose 
of promoting social welfare by fostering literacy, mathematics, 
strategic ability, and fair play among individuals through the 
facilitation and organization of word game play in both social 
and tournament settings, including, for such purposes:
(a) The coming together of members of the organization and members 
    of the general public to play word games in a collegial and 
    competitive environment throughout the United States and Canada, 
    and the ancillary services which allow members to improve 
    playing ability and compare skills with other members through 
    a systemized ratings process.
(b) To promote literacy, mathematics, strategic ability, and fair 
    play in the community through the offering of various word game 
    events at locations throughout the United States and Canada.
(c) To have and exercise all rights and powers conferred on nonprofit 
    corporations under the laws of Texas, or which may hereafter be 
    conferred; provided, however, that this corporation shall not, 
    except to an insubstantial degree, engage in any activities or 
    exercise any powers that are not in furtherance of the primary
    purposes of this corporation as set forth above.