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Enter full or partial text above to find all members (up to a maximum of 200) who match all the entered text. For example, to list every player named Jim from Arizona who has a NASPA ID, enter the SQL wildcard _ next to NASPA ID, Jim next to First Name(s), AZ next to State and USA next to country. If you’re having trouble finding someone, try entering less information rather than more: omit their state/country, and maybe even part of their first name. If this still doesn’t work, please email

The Expiry column shows the last date on which a player’s membership is (was) valid, or "pending" if they have not yet paid for their membership. For information about which members are currently under suspension, please consult the suspension list (password required).

The membership database currently lists 8630 NASPA members.

You are not currently logged in to NASPA Member Services. If you are a logged-in NASPA member, you will see more personal information about members, where members have granted permission for it to be displayed.