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August 10th, 2020: GANNET

Definition: GANNET*GANNETS n a bird of genus Morus

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: gannetS

Ana-hooks: anteIng antIgen Banteng gentIan negatOn Regnant tangenT tannAge tOnnage tUnnage

'Typos': bannet garnet

Blana-grams: agentS agnAte anAgen anenSt antIng aRgent eatIng geLant Ingate Innage Innate Magnet neatEn negatE nOnage Pangen Penang tagIne tangeD tangLe tanneD tanneR tenanT

Extensions: gannetRY gannetRIES

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age agent an ane anent ant ante at ate eat en eng et eta etna gae gaen gan gane gat gate gean gen gent get geta gnat na nae nag nan ne neat neg net ta tae tag tan tang te tea teg ten

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