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December 8th, 2006: CRISPATE

Definition: CRISPATE adj curled

Anagrams: paretics picrates practise

Hooks: crispateD

Ana-hooks: cHapiters craMpiest crapPiest iMpacters Operatics particLes practiCes practiseD practiseS sperMatic

'Typos': cristate

Blana-grams: acriDest aDscript aGrestic airscApe airspAce apricOts apYretic articLes asperitY aspHeric aspirAte caLipers caMpiest caMpsite caNister caNtrips capriCes captiVes captUres ceraMist ceratiNs cHapiter cHapters cHariest ciGarets cisterNa citraTes craMpits crapPies craZiest creatiNs crepiEst crispeSt cUprites ectOpias epicarPs erGastic erRatics escapiSt Grapiest Hepatics iMpacter Matrices Mistrace Operatic paiNters paNtries parAsite parcHesi parecisM parietEs paritIes particLe partieRs pasticHe pastrieS patcHers patcHier peraciDs periaPts perisaRc pertaiNs pHreatic piasterS piastreS picrateD picrItes pictUres piecrUst piLaster piNaster piracIes piscatOr pistacHe pitcHers pLaister pLaiters pOstrace practiCe precastS preDicts preLatic pricIest pricKets priMates pristaNe priVates rapiDest raspieSt recEipts recitaLs repaiNts repLicas rescRipt sapreMic scaNtier scarieSt scatTier sceptraL sciMetar scrapieS scripteD scripteR septariA septicaL serapHic spacieSt speciatE spectraL spicateD spiracLe stericaL sUricate tacriNes tHeriacs tiecLasp tipcarTs traipseD traipseS tripacKs tripHase Wiretaps

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aces acre acres act acts ae ai air airest airs airt airts ais ait aits ape aper apers apes apices apres apse apt apter ar arc arcs are areic ares arise ars art arts as asci aseptic asp aspect asper aspic aspire aster astir at ate ates atresic atrip cap cape caper capers capes capris caps car care cares caret carets caries carp carpet carpets carpi carps cars carse cart carte cartes carts case cast caste caster cat cate cater caters cates cats cep ceps ceria cerias cesta cesti cire cires cis cist cite citer citers cites crap crape crapes craps crate crates crept crest cries cripe cripes cris crisp crista cristae crit crits ear ears east eat eats epact epacts epic epics er era eras erica ericas ers erst es escar escarp esprit et eta etas etic ice ices irate ire ires is it its pa pac pace pacer pacers paces pacier paciest pacs pact pacts pair pairs paise par pare pares paretic paries paris pars parse parsec part parties parts pas pase past paste paster pastie pastier pat pate pater paters pates pats pe pea pear pears peart peas peat peats pec pecs per peri peris pert (and 259 more)

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