2011 Tag-Team SCRABBLE Tournament

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On Tuesday night, August 9, 2011, Brian Galebach will be directing a 3-game Tag-Team SCRABBLE tournament. In this exciting variant, teams of two square off versus each other, but each player has his/her own rack of tiles. On each team’s turn, either player can make an initial play, followed immediately by a play by their partner. This allows for exciting setups and interesting strategies. Last year, Eliza Gallagher set up her partner Jacob Cohen for the fantastic triple-triple MENAZo(N)S for 302 points, which helped them to secure the division 3 title.

Last year's event was quite successful, with 24 players (three divisions of four teams each). We'd love to see an even larger participation this year. Here are the tournament details:

Tournament Details

After-hours room
Tuesday, August 10th, 2010. Sign in/form teams 7:30-8:00 P.M.; brief game demo followed by three games starting at 8:00.
$10 per player ($20 per team). 100% of entry fees returned as prizes.
Divisions of 4 teams (bottom division may have 6 teams). 3-game round robin (or 2-game round-robin followed by KOTH for a 6-team division).

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