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July 26th, 2011: ADJUSTER

Definition: ADJUSTER*ADJUSTERS n one that adjusts

Anagrams: readjust

Hooks: adjusterS

Ana-hooks: Preadjust readjustS

'Typos': adjusted adjustor

Blana-grams: adjureRs dauNters Outdares Outreads Pastured readOuts surtaXed traduCes traNsude uNtreads uPdaters uPstared

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adjure adjures adjust ads adust ae ar are ares ars art arts as aster at ate ates aures dare dares dart darts date dater daters dates daut dauts de dear dears derat derats drat drats drest druse due dues duet duets dura duras dure dures durst dust duster ear ears east eat eats eau ed eds er era eras ers erst es et eta etas jade jades jar jars jest jet jets jeu judas jura jurat jurats jus just justed juster jut jute jutes juts rad rads raj rajes ras rase rased rat rate rated rates rats re read reads red reds res resat rest ret rets rude rudest rue rued rues ruse rust rusted rut ruts sad sade sae sard sat sate sated sau saute sauted sea sear seat ser sera set seta stade star stare stared stead stud sue sued suer suet sura surd sure sutra ta tad tads tae taj tajes tar tare tared tares tars tas tau taus tea tear tears teas ted teds trad trade trades tread treads tres true trued trues tsade tsar urase urate urates urd urds urea ureas ursa ursae us use used user ut uta utas ute utes uts

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