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May 3rd, 2011: DISPATCH


Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: cadEtship

'Typos': despatch mispatch

Blana-grams: adscRipt chapAtis diphasIc diptYcas diptYchs hEpatics pastichE pistachE pithEads scaphOid spicatEd

Extensions: dispatchED dispatchER dispatchES dispatchERS dispatchING

Sub-anagrams: acid acids act acts ad adit adits ads ah ahi ahis ahs ai aid aids ais ait aitch aits aphid aphids aphis apish apt as asci asdic ash asp aspic at cad cadi cadis cads caid caids cap caph caphs caps capsid cash cast cat cats chad chads chai chais chap chaps chapt chat chats chi chia chias chid chip chips chis chit chits cis cist dah dahs dais dap daps dash dashi dicast dicta dip dips dipt dis disc dish dit dita ditas ditch dits ha had hadst hap haps haptic has hasp hast hat hats hi hic hid hip hips his hist hit hits ich ichs id ids is it itch its pa pac pacs pact pacts pad padi padis pads pah paid pas pash past pat patch path paths pats phasic phat phatic phi phis pht pi pia pias pic pica picas pics pis pish pit pita pitas pitch pith piths pits psi pst sac sad sadi said saith sap sapid sat sati scad scat sh sha shad ship si sic sidh sip sit sith spa spahi spait spat spathic spica spit staid staph stich ta tach tachs tad tads tap tapis taps tas this ti tic (and 5 more)

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