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August 13th, 2009: PARLE

Definition: PARLE*PARLED*PARLES*PARLING v to parley

Anagrams: paler pearl

Hooks: parleD parleS parleY

Ana-hooks: aMpler Carpel earlAp lapPer lapSer leapEr palIer palMer palTer parCel parOle parRel pearlS pearlY peDlar plaCer plaNer plaTer plaYer pleUra prelaW rapPel repEal replaN replaY

'Typos': carle farle padle parae parge parse parve

Blana-grams: aBler alDer alepH alerT alTer aMple aperS aperY apPel apPle apreS apTer areAl arepA arGle arIel arleS arpeN arTel aSper Baler Blare Blear Caper Clear Crape Drape earlS earlY Feral Flare Gaper Glare Grape Haler Japer laCer laDer laGer laKer laMer lapeL lapSe lareE lareS larGe laSer laTer laVer laXer laYer leapS leapT learN learS learY lepEr lepTa lOper Maple Opera paCer paDre paGer paleA paleD paleS paleT paNel paPer pareD pareO pareR pareS pareU parOl paTer paVer paWer paYer pealS pearS pearT peDal peNal pePla perEa perIl peTal pIlar pIlea plaCe plaGe plaNe plaTe pleaD pleaS pleaT pleNa plIer plYer pOlar pOler praSe praTe preSa prOle pUler raleS ralpH rapeD rapeR rapeS rapHe raTel raVel realM realS reapS reCap reGal relaX relaY reMap reNal repaY repEl replY Salep Sepal Seral Spale Spare Spear Taler Taper Tepal Ureal Velar Waler

Extensions: parleYS parleYED parleYER parleYERS parleYING POURparleR(S)

Sub-anagrams: ae al ale alp ape aper ar are ear earl el er era la lap lar lea leap lear pa pal pale par pare pe pea peal pear per plea rale rap rape re real reap rep

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