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August 7th, 2009: SALMONID

Definition: SALMONID*SALMONIDS n a fish of the salmon family

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: salmonidS

Ana-hooks: dalTonism mandoliNs maniFolds mElanoids salmonOid

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: admonisH amidonEs amYloids daimonEs diamonDs diPlomas domainEs Foilsman Halidoms laConism laminosE laminoUs lamPions limaCons loadinGs malisonS mandolAs mandoliN mandRils manGolds maniFold mElanoid mElodias midlanDs moldinGs monaCids monadisM moOnsail nomadisM nomiNals oRdinals Plasmoid Rimlands sainTdom sEmolina

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ad adios ado adonis ados ads ai aid aids ail ails aim aims ain ains ais al almond almonds alms aloin aloins als also am ami amid amido amidol amidols amids amin amino amins amis amnio amnios an and ands ani anil anils anis as daimon daimons dais dal dals dam damn damns dams damson dan danio danios dans dial dials dim dims din dino dinos dins diol diols dis dismal do dol dolma dolman dolmans dolmas dols dom domain domains domal doms don dona donas dons dos id idol idols ids in indol indols ins ion ions is island ism la lad ladino ladinos lads laid lain lam lams land lands las li lid lido lidos lids lima liman limans limas limn limns limo limos lin lino linos lins lion lions lis lo load loads loam loams loan loans loid loids loin loins ma mad mads maid maids mail mails main mains malison man mano manos mans mas mason mi mid mids mil mild milds milo milos mils mina minas mind minds mis misdo miso mo moa moan moans moas mod modal modals modi mods moil moils mol mola molas mold molds mols mon monad monads monas mons mos (and 80 more)

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