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April 26th, 2005: CUTESIER

Definition: 1. CUTESIER adjective_comparative (see CUTESIE 1) 2. CUTESIE*CUTESIER*CUTESIEST adj cutesy 3. CUTESIER adjective_comparative (see CUTESY 1) 4. CUTESY*CUTESIER*CUTESIEST adj self-consciously cute

Anagrams: cerusite eucrites

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: cAuteries ceiNtures ceNturies cerusiteS cerusSite crueLties curtesieS cutLeries eNuretics icteruseS reticuLes

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Brucites cAuserie ceiNture cHestier citreOus citruseS cOteries crePiest crePitus cruDites crueLest crustieR cuPrites curDiest curetTes curLiest curtsieD curtsieS curViest Decuries Desertic Deuteric Discreet Discrete eMeritus eNterics eNticers eNuretic ePicures esOteric esurieNt eXciters Fiercest Heretics iNsecure Keiretsu Lectures Leucites Outcries Pictures Piecrust Quieters receiPts reciteRs recRuits reQuites reticLes reticuLe retiNues reuNites rictuseS scLerite secAteur secretiN secureSt securitY siNecure suBerect suretieS suricAte tierceLs trisceLe ureteRic utricLes Vertices

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cee cees cere ceres cereus cerise cerite cerites cert certes certs ceruse cesti cete cetes cire cires cis cist cite citer citers cites citrus crest cries cris crit crits cru cruet cruets cruise crus cruse cruset crust cue cueist cues cur cure cures curet curets curie curies curite curites curs curse curst curt cut cute cuter cutes cutesie cutie cuties cutis cuts ecru ecrus ecu ecus er ere erect erects ers erst eruct eructs es est ester et etic etics etui etuis eucrite ice ices icterus ictus ire ires is it its re rec recit recite recites recits recs recti rectus recuse recut recuts ree rees reest rei reis res rescue resect reset resit resite rest ret rete retie reties rets retuse reuse rice rices rictus rise rite rites rue rues ruse rust rustic rut ruts scree scut scute sec secret sect secure see seer sei ser sere set si sic sice sieur sir sire siree sit site sri steer stere steric stir sucre sue suer suet suete suit suite suiter sure te tec tecs tee tees terce terces teres terse tes ti tic tics tie tier tierce tierces tiers ties tire tires tis tree trees trice trices tries truce (and 16 more)

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