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February 11th, 2005: COALER

Definition: COALER*COALERS n one that supplies coal

Anagrams: oracle recoal

Hooks: coalerS

Ana-hooks: acerolA caJoler calorIe caloYer carIole caroleD caroleR cHolera cHorale cHoreal claroeS coalIer coraCle corelLa corNeal croTale earlocK eScolar locaTer lorIcae ocelLar oracleS recoalS Solacer

'Typos': coaled coater coaxer coiler cooler

Blana-grams: alcoVe areolA areolE Boreal caBler caJole calKer calLer calMer calorY caNoer carCel carleS carolI carolS carPel carRel carTel carVel celLar ceorlS cerCal cerEal cHoler cHoral cHorea claMor clareT claroS claVer claWer clearS cloNer cloSer cloVer coarSe coeVal colDer coleaD colLar colTer colUre coralS corBel corMel corNea corNel corRal craDle creDal creolE creSol eclaIr Florae Galore Gaoler lacerS lacIer lacKer laNcer lecTor loaDer loaFer loaNer locaLe locaTe locKer loreaL lorIca Marcel Morale ocHrea ocreaE ocreaS ocUlar oracHe orDeal Parcel Parole Placer racKle recalL reclaD recoaT recoIl recTal relacE reloaD reloaN relocK roSace rUcola Scaler Sclera Solace Solera

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acre acro ae aero al ale alec aloe ar arc arco are aro calo car care carl carle carol cel ceorl cero claro clear coal col cola cole cor coral core ear earl eco el er era la lac lace lacer lar lea lear lo loca lore oar oca ocrea oe ole olea or ora oral orc orca ore orle race rale re real rec roc roe role

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