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January 23rd, 2005: AGGER

Definition: AGGER*AGGERS n a mound of earth used as a fortification

Anagrams: eggar gager

Hooks: Bagger Dagger Gagger Jagger Lagger Nagger Sagger Tagger Wagger aggerS

Ana-hooks: Beggar eggarS gagerS gagGer gaNger garAge gargeT gargLe gaUger graNge raggeD raggeE raggLe reggaE Seggar

'Typos': anger auger egger gager

Blana-grams: agerS aggIe aggrO agreE argLe argUe Barge Cager eagEr eagrE gageD gageS gaMer gaPer gaUge gaYer gaZer gearS geraH gLare gOrge graCe graDe graPe graTe graVe graZe greaT gregO gUrge Jager Lager Large Marge Pager Parge rageD rageE rageS raggY raNge regaL regMa regNa reTag rUgae Sager Sarge Targe Terga Wager Yager

Extensions: BRagger BaggerS DRagger DaggerS FLagger GaggerS JaggerS JaggerY LaggerS NaggerS STagger SWagger SaggerS TaggerS WaggerS WaggerY BRaggerS DRaggerS DaggerED FLaggerS STaggerS STaggerY SWaggerS SaggerED DaggerING JaggerIES STaggerED STaggerER SWaggerED SWaggerER SaggerING WaggerIES DaggerLIKE EXaggerATE SANDBagger STaggerERS STaggerING SWaggerERS SWaggerING EXaggerATED EXaggerATES EXaggerATOR FOOTDRagger SANDBaggerS STaggerBUSH CARPETBagger EXaggerATING EXaggerATION EXaggerATIVE EXaggerATORS EXaggerATORY FOOTDRaggerS STaggerINGLY SWaggerINGLY CARPETBaggerS CARPETBaggerY EXaggerATEDLY EXaggerATIONS STaggerBUSHES OVEREXaggerATE CARPETBaggerIES EXaggerATEDNESS OVEREXaggerATED OVEREXaggerATES OVEREXaggerATING OVEREXaggerATION EXaggerATEDNESSES OVEREXaggerATIONS

Sub-anagrams: ae ag age ager ar are ear egg er era erg gae gag gage gar gear rag rage re reg

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