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December 26th, 2022: STARETS

Definition: STARETS*STARTSY n a spiritual adviser in the Eastern Orthodox Church

Anagrams: staters tasters

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: artIstes artsIest estrEats Mattress restaRts restatEs retastEs sCatters sHatters sMartest sMatters sPatters starKest starLets starteRs startLes statUres stretTas strIates sWatters taPsters tartNess tOasters

'Typos': starers

Blana-grams: aCtress arRests artIest artIste artIsts artLess artsIes assertS attesTs attIres Bassett Basters Batters Breasts Casters eastErs estatEs estraYs estrEat Fastest Gasters Hatters Iratest Lasters Latests Latters Masters Matters Natters Osetras Ossetra Pasters Patters rasHest rasteRs ratItes ratteNs ratteRs rattLes reCasts rePasts resEats restaRt restatE retastE retEsts rOtates saLters saLtest sarsNet satIres sCatter searEst seatErs settErs sHatter sItters sKaters sLaters sMatter sParest sPatter staCtes staGers staKers staLest starLet starteD starteR startLe startsY starVes statOrs statUes statUre staYers straFes straIts straKes stratAs stratHs stratUs streaKs streaMs streEts stretTa strIate sWatter taPster tarGets tartesT tassetS tastIer tatTers teasErs tersEst tessEra testErs tetraDs tHreats tOaster trasHes trasseS trYstes tsarIst tsatsKe Vastest Wasters Yatters

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ar are ares ars arse arses art arts as ass assert asset aster asters at ate ates att ear ears east easts eat eats er era eras ers erst es ess est ests et eta etas ras rase rases rat rate rates rats re res resat rest rests ret rets sae sat sate sates sea sear sears seas seat seats ser sera sers set seta sets sett setts star stare stares stars start starts stat state stater states stats stet stets ta tae tar tare tares tars tart tarts tas tase taser tasers tases tass tasse tasset taste taster tastes tat tate tater taters tates tats te tea tear tears teas teat teats tes test testa tests tet tetra tetras tets trass treat treats tres tress tret trets tsar tsars

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