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December 6th, 2022: CHORTEN

Definition: CHORTEN*CHORTENS n a Tibetan shrine

Anagrams: notcher

Hooks: chortenS

Ana-hooks: Anchoret coherEnt notcherS notchIer

'Typos': shorten

Blana-grams: Another Bethorn Botcher chAnter chAntor cheroOt cheVron choLent chorIne chortLe chUnter cIthern cIthren coInter conCert conVert cornetS cornetT cornUte corOnet cothUrn coUnter coUther cretonS croChet croWnet enActor hectorS hornetS horRent northeR notcheD notcheS notIcer recoUnt retoUch rochetS rotcheS technoS therEon thorneD throneD throneS tocherS torcheD torcheS torchOn toUcher trAnche trocheE trocheS troUnce Wotcher

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: cent cento cero cert chert chon chore con cone conte cor core corn cornet cot cote crone echo echt eco eh en eon er ern et etch eth he hector hen hent her hern hero heron het ho hoe hoer hon hone honer horn hornet hot ne net no noh nor north not notch note noter nother nth och oche ocher ochre oe oh on once oncet one or orc ore ort other re rec recon recto reno rent ret retch rho roc rochet roe rot rotch rotche rote te tec tech techno ten tench tenor tern the then tho thorn thro throe throne to tocher toe ton tone toner tor torc torch tore torn trench troche trone

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