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NASPA policies

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This page was originally a collection of NASPA policies established by Steering Committee. It is no longer current, and answers to questions about its issues may be found in the FAQ.

See also Privacy Policy, Code of Conduct and Official Tournament Rules.

NASPA policy concerning endorsements

Effective October 27, 2009.

Our community is full of innovative and creative people who turn their enthusiasm for Scrabble into marketable products (books, equipment, etc.). Because we represent our members equally, NASPA has adopted a policy against endorsing products. In the future, we hope to offer classified ads on the website where authors and inventors can promote their products.

NASPA policy concerning donations

Effective October 27, 2009.

NASPA occasionally receives requests for donations. While these requests usually come from deserving causes, our young organization is not yet in a financial position to make any charitable donations. Once NASPA has achieved an adequate capital base, we will revisit this policy.