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Editing NASPAWiki

From NASPAWiki

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Editing NASPAWiki is just like editing the regular Wikipedia, except:

  1. Not everyone has permission to edit every page, and
  2. In order to maintain a consistent, professional appearance, pages must conform to our local style guide.


Committee members can edit every page.

Registered club and tournament directors can edit pages which begin with the “Director:” prefix.

Other visitors cannot edit pages, and should report necessary changes to an appropriate committee member or volunteer to join a committee.


Most large publications have a style guide to ensure consistency in spelling, grammar, punctuation, typography, etc. NASPAWiki is no exception, and has a small style guide that functions as a local supplement to the main Wikipedia style guide.

Members of the Web Committee periodically check recent changes for conformance to the style guide. Please help reduce their workload by following the guide.

How to edit a page

If you are not familiar with the collaborative editing that is the basis of Wikipedia, here is how to get started.

  1. Follow a link to a page that does not yet exist, or click on the “edit” tab at the top of a page or page section that you want to change.
  2. Make the necessary changes in the text box that appears, then click on “Show preview”. If you are unsure about formatting, please consult the help page on formatting.
  3. When the preview looks correct to you, enter a summary to help others identify the change in the page's change log, click “This is a minor edit” if appropriate, and then “Save page”.