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December 8th, 2022: FRISKET

Definition: FRISKET*FRISKETS n a frame used to protect paper in a printing press

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: frisketS

Ana-hooks: fOrkiest

'Typos': brisket frisked frisker

Blana-grams: fAirest fiBster fiLters firMest fitTers fOrties fritZes fUstier keistEr kiestEr kiLters kirtLes kLister kNifers Lifters Mirkest Presift reGifts rekNits resiftS riCkets sHifter sifterS skirRet skirteD skirteR skitTer sNifter stiCker stifFer stifLer stiNker strifeS strikeR strikeS sUrfeit sWifter tiCkers tiNkers tiTfers trifLes tUrfski tUskier

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ef efs eft efts er ers erst es est et fe feist fer fes fest fet fets fie fir fire fires firs first fist fit fits fret frets fries frise frisk frit frites frits if ifs ire ires irk irks is it its kef kefir kefirs kefs keir keirs kerf kerfs ki kief kiefs kier kiers kif kifs kir kirs kis kist kit kite kiter kiters kites kits kris re ref refit refits refs reft rei reif reifs reis res resift resit rest ret rets rif rife rifest rifs rift rifts rise risk rite rites sei seif ser serf serif set si sift sifter sike siker sir sire sit site ski skier skirt skit skite sri stir stirk strife strike te tes ti tie tier tiers ties tike tikes tire tires tis tref trek treks tres tries trike trikes tsk

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