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December 2nd, 2022: TREACLY

Definition: TREACLY*TREACLIER*TREACLIEST adj cloyingly sweet and sentimental

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: acrylAte calyPter clatTery lIteracy rectalLy

'Typos': treacle

Blana-grams: acetylS acOlyte actOrly acUtely acylAte alertLy artIcle calOyer cartelS catTery caUtery ceNtral cHarley claretS clarIty clatTer clayIer clearLy clySter creStal crOtale crUelty cryPtal cryStal cUtlery eartHly ectyPal erEctly eXactly Greatly Irately lactAry larceNy lateNcy latHery lOcater lyrateD Nectary Peartly Peytral Plectra Prelacy Pteryla racKety realIty recItal retalLy Saltery Scarlet Sectary tacKler talcIer tearIly traceRy tracHle traWley yacHter

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace acetyl acre act acyl ae aery al ale alec alert alt alter ar arc are art artel arty aryl at ate ay aye cal car care caret carl carle cart carte cartel cat cate cater cay cel celt cert claret clary clay clear cleat crate cry ear earl early eat eclat el elytra er era et eta eyra la lac lace lacer lacey lacy lar lat late later lay layer lea lear leary let ley lyart lycea lycra lye lyrate lyre race racy rale rat rate ratel ray re react real realty rec recta rectal relay rely ret rya rye ta tace tae tael talc talcy tale taler tar tare te tea teal tear teary tec tel tela trace tray trey try tye tyer tyre ya yar yare ye yea year yer yet

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