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Web Committee

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The Web Committee is a NASPA committee established to develop and maintain NASPA's web presence and services.

To contact the Web Committee send an email to naspa-web@yahoogroups.com.

Help wanted

The committee is looking for more volunteers to participate in the multitude of tasks on our agenda, including end user support and Wiki/photo/document editing. Please contact any of the committee members to discuss how you could help.


The committee currently consists of the following:


The Committee has the following items on its agenda:

  • Continue to develop the NASPA web site, including
    • Create and update NASPAWiki pages as new information becomes available or old information becomes obsolete.
    • Copying over appropriate content from the NSA web site, inserting notes as necessary explaining what changes will take place when specific services are transferred from the NSA to NASPA.
    • Port NSA web applications to the NASPA web site
      • NSC registration
      • Player database
      • Tournament calendar
      • Club roster
      • Rating system
      • Director roster
    • Monitor NASPAWiki to ensure compliance with the style guide, updating the latter as necessary
  • Monitor server resource usage and plan for necessary upgrades
  • Implement and maintain regular site-wide backups
  • Support mailing lists for internal communication
  • Format and publish member photos in the database
  • Format various documents generated by NASPA committees
  • Create online maps of venues of the Nationals and other NASPA events
  • Help users with web-related questions and issues, including access problems


Committee members have access to the following online tools: