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The School SCRABBLE Word List (SSWL) is the official word list used in School SCRABBLE competitions. It consists of those words that are acceptable in the regular Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL) that are considered appropriate for school use.

The currently effective edition is the 2016 edition (SSWL2016).

Where to Find It

SSWL2016 is available to NASPA members for electronic study and tournament adjudication purposes in the NASPA Zyzzyva program. School SCRABBLE competitors in the 2015-2016 season may apply for a complimentary season membership to gain access to this tool.

Selected lists of words intended for study are also available through NASPA Member Services.

During the school year, the word list is available for viewing in its entirety at the School SCRABBLE website. As of 2016-08-23, this website had not yet been updated for SSWL2016.

SSWL is not currently available in printed form.


In the earliest days of School SCRABBLE, tournaments were adjudicated using paper dictionaries such as OTCWL, Long List and MWCD, supplemented with lists of words excluded as being inappropriate for the school community.

When Zyzzyva grew in popularity, ad hoc unlicensed electronic versions of word lists were prepared each year, and typically mislabelled as being editions of OSPD5.

Beginning in 2015, the NASPA Dictionary Committee formally named the word list it prepared the School SCRABBLE Word List (SSWL2015), and made it available in electronic form to licensed users of NASPA Zyzzyva.

In 2016, SSWL2016 was released, incorporating updates included by the NASPA Dictionary Committee in OTCWL2016.