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School SCRABBLE Word List 2015

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The School SCRABBLE Word List (2015 edition), SSWL2015, was developed by NASPA in early 2015 as a successor to the previously unnamed word list in use in School SCRABBLE competitions. Like its predecessors, it consists of those words that are acceptable in the regular Official Tournament and Club Word List (OTCWL) that are considered appropriate for school use.


The word list was available for viewing in its entirety at the School SCRABBLE website.

It was also available for electronic study and tournament adjudication purposes in the NASPA Zyzzyva program to NASPA members. School SCRABBLE competitors in the 2014-2015 season could apply for a complimentary season membership to gain access to this tool.

Selected lists of words intended for study are also available through NASPA Member Services.


SSWL2015 has 187,179 words ranging in length from 2 to 15 letters. To view a list of differences between SSWL2015 and OTCWL or the 2014 school list, use Zyzzyva to search for words that are in one lexicon but not the other.