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Club news

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This club news page contains news about events and notable achievements in sanctioned SCRABBLE® clubs. Other articles may be found in the periodical Bulletins or the member news page.

To have your news item considered for publication here, please send it to Club/Director Committee or Web Committee.

November 2009

November 10: Club #248

Dee Segrest (Grand Prairie, TX): 644 points

The directors of Club #248, along with its members, want to congratulate Dee Segrest on her superb 203-point bingo Tuesday in a game against Mike Early. Mike played an X on the triple line and Dee cheerfully played MONOXIDE for 203 points. It wasn't enough to secure the win in the game, but the play will make her happy for a long time!

— Mary Rhoades, Director, Bedford Club #248

June 2009

June 5, 2009: Club #359

Robin Lewis (Houston, TX): 644 points

The directors of Club #359, along with its members, want to congratulate Robin Lewis on her superb score of 644 on Sunday. Robin opened with MILIEUS for 74, then proceeded to play NATRONS (75), EXPLORER (101), COENZYME (114), and then bingoed out with REALISTS (77).

Wow, 5 bingos and 644. Way to go Robin.

— Carole Miller, Co-Director, Houston Club #359