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IContact 20131031

From NASPAWiki

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The following message went out to our iContact list on 2013-10-31:

Monthly Message for October 2013

Message of the Month

  • Tournament Committee Additions
  • Naspa-Pro Yahoo Group
  • Facebook Pages
  • 65 November and December Tournaments!
  • Free Director Tests in November

Tournament Committee

In an endeavor to ease his time involved in sanctioning tournaments, and to add more player voices in the handling of issues, Tournament Committee Chair, Dallas Johnson, with the advice of current committee members, has named 4 new members to the committee: Dallas wrote:

”For the first time in my tenure on the NASPA Tournament Committee, we received more applicants than we have open positions, and we were impressed with the background and qualifications of all the candidates.

After consideration of all candidates, the committee has welcomed:

The committee would also like to thank Joe Edley for his long and faithful service to the committee. The committee is beginning a new process of greater committee member involvement in the tournament sanctioning process, which Joe understandably did not wish to participate in, as he was solely responsible for sanctioning SCRABBLE tournaments for many years. We are grateful to Joe for his leadership and example.”


Naspa-pro is the official Yahoo group for all communications from NASPA and for respectful member discussions. The group is open to all current NASPA members.

To join, send an email including your member number or name in the subject line or body to naspa-pro-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

You will receive an email asking you to confirm. Hit “reply” and “send” to that and you are good to go!


NASPA has 2 Facebook pages. Search “North American SCRABBLE Players Association” and “North American SCRABBLE Players Association – NASPA”. The former is for respectful discussion. The latter is for NASPA announcements.

November-December Tournaments

There are over 40 cities hosting approximately *65* official NASPA SCRABBLE tournaments in between now and the end of the year. Get to one or more!

Free Director Tests for November

From Club/Director Committee Cochairs, Mary Rhoades and John Robertson

As announced at this year's NSC, NASPA will be offering director tests to NASPA members free of charge during November.

email John Robertson jgrobertson@sympatico.ca or Mary Rhoades at mrhoadestx@gmail.com

Happy Halloween!

See you on the circuit!


Chris Cree