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ABSP Agreement

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In July 2011, the International Committee negotiated the following agreement with the ABSP.

Agreement Text

We would like to have an agreement to extend some of the benefits of membership to each other’s members. In particular, this would mean that current members in good standing of the ABSP would be exempt from the requirement to purchase a NASPA membership in order to take part in a sanctioned tournament in Canada or the US. In return, we would expect that current members in good standing of NASPA would be granted the same discounts on tournament entry fees in the UK that are available to members of the ABSP. It is possible that there other membership benefits that could also be considered for this agreement, but the tournament entry requirements/costs are the most important.

If the ABSP is willing to make this agreement we would request the following:

1) That there be a contact person/email that would allow a tournament director in Canada or the US to be able to get timely confirmation that an entrant in their tournament is a current, paid-up member of the ABSP. (NASPA would provide the ABSP with the same).

2) The agreement would be limited to people who are members of the association where they are permanently resident. We will be proposing this Reciprocal Membership Benefit to all affiliates of WESPA, and we don't want to create a situation where someone could shop around globally for the cheapest available membership instead of becoming a member in their home country.


NASPA Tournament Directors wishing to verify an ABSP member’s status should contact Anne Ramsay at anne.ramsay@blueyonder.co.uk.

ABSP Tournament Directors wishing to verify a NASPA member’s status may either use the membership resources available at this website, or email membership@scrabbleplayers.org.


NASPA Tournament Directors who intend to submit rating data for tournaments including ABSP members qualifying under the terms of this agreement should:

  1. Use the regular membership tools to enter an ABSP member’s contact information into the membership system and charge a membership (or renewal) to their NASPA account.
  2. Contact John Chew to have the fee for that membership waived under the terms of this agreement.
  3. Submit their tournament rating data normally.