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2015 NSC Trivia Contest

From NASPAWiki

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Hello, everyone:

As has been the case the last two years, I will again be hosting a fun-filled, team trivia contest at the NASC on Saturday, August 1. Ross Brown has again kindly agreed to keep score. Everyone is welcome to participate--even people not involved in the NASC. The cost to enter is a measly $5 US per person. Teams may have a maximum of seven players. You may form a team in advance. If you arrive solo I will assign you to a team. (Anyone who sits at a players' table must be a paid member of the team. No exceptions!)

I will return 90% of the entry fees as prize money. The remainder goes to offset the cost of photocopying and other materials. The event should last anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. There were 73 participants last year in Buffalo. There was very positive feedback!

The quiz is on general trivia with oral rounds and handouts. There's something for everybody: sports, music, history, geography, science, literature, current events, TV, movies, pop culture, etc. There will be various specialty rounds and a two-part Jeopardy!-like wagering round to conclude the evening.

Finalized Categories: Oral Round #1 (general trivia); Classic Hollywood Movies; Oral Round #2 (general trivia); Definitions; Identity Crisis Round #1; Identity Crisis Round #2; Hit Songs of the 1960s; 50/50 Round (only two possible correct answers per question!); Oral Round #3 (general trivia); Wagering Round #1; Wagering Round #2

According to the NASC schedule, the event will be held in "Silver Baron D" and starts at 8 p.m. Try to arrive by 7:45. The event should last anywhere from 90 to 120 minutes. I guarantee a fun and informative evening--and many laughs!

I'll update this page as more details are known.

Any questions to this point? Just send me an email at jgrobertson@sympatico.ca.

Your genial host,

John Robertson

P.S. For all you baseball fans, I will have a few copies of A's Bad As It Gets, a 2014 book about the pitiful 1916 Philadelphia Athletics that I co-authored with Andy Saunders. It received very good reviews and was nominated for a couple of SABR awards. The cost is $19 US per copy. Autographs are free. If you want a copy please email me before I leave for Reno on July 24.