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2011 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship News

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This page lists in reverse chronological order important news from the 2011 Canadian National SCRABBLE Championship (CNSC).

June 9: More last-minute updates

We do in the final version of the room layout have enough tables and enough space to put each game on its own 2.5x6' table. This means that we can all use the new tiles, although since I suggested that people could use older CNSC tiles if they preferred, I'm still fine with their doing so.

I'll be mentioning this in the announcements, but please note that 2.5 feet is the bare minimum table width that it is possible to play a rotating game of SCRABBLE on, and you will have to be doubly careful to avoid hitting racks because the current Hasbro deluxe SCRABBLE set has a tendency to drift as it rotates.

The boards we are using have been donated (along with a large budget and employees' personal time and energies) by Hasbro Canada, and will as in past years be available to the winner of Round 18. If you do not want to take the board, I have arranged with Hasbro Canada for leftover boards to go to local School Scrabble tournaments, where they will be put to very good use.

June 9: Last-minute updates

So one day before the event kicks off, I finally managed to get my final site visit scheduled with the hotel, and I have a few important items to report.

  • I have negotiated $10/day parking at the hotel parking garage. This is half of their regular rate, and amazingly good for 24-hour parking in the neighbourhood. To obtain the rate, stop your car on Bond St. outside the hotel, go to the front desk and ask for a parking voucher for the Scrabble tournament. Then drive across Dundas to the parking garage (labelled Hotel Parking) on the NE corner, and show the voucher to the attendant as you enter. Do *not* take a ticket from the machine in the parking garage, or you will be charged the regular daily rate.
  • If you cannot use stairs, enter the hotel through the alley on its west side (opposite from Bond St.), ringing the doorbell beside the door with the wheelchair logo. Go straight through the far door in the short hallway, through the registration area, turn to the right, and take an elevator down to the basement and the Piccadilly room.
  • We are using the funky new Hasbro deluxe boards (racetrack shaped, with curved racks). I strongly encourage you to bring your own straight racks, and will have a limited number of extras available for lending.

June 6: Live website

I’ve launched a draft version of the live coverage website earlier than I ever have. It still needs a little proofreading, but please note that if there are no last-minute roster changes, the first-round pairings posted for the main event will be the ones we will actually use. Early Bird registrations are still trickling in, so disregard any information you see in the tsh section for that event. And anything you see about live games will just be annotators getting some practice in - we won’t start without you!

June 5: Protiles, bags, rosters

I have unboxed the event Protiles, and they look nice! They are red, with white print, and are the newer international square size. If you bring an alternate set to play with (some tables will likely have two boards), it would be better to bring one of the three other colour combinations we have used in the past.

The Protiles also come with tile bags similar to Hasbro tile bags. You can use them if you want, but I am expecting most players will want to use deeper and more durable bags.

All of the above will be available in time for the Early Bird. I’m still looking to see if the Hasbro boards can be delivered in time for the EB; I may have to ask players to bring their own for that event.

I have updated cross-tables.com with the rosters for the Main Event and Early Bird. There is still space for at least 20 players in the EB.

May 31: WSC Registration Deadline

If you are trying to qualify for the Canadian team at the 2011 World SCRABBLE Championship by winning the 2011 CNSC (one of several ways to qualify for the WSC), you must notify the Canadian Committee of your intent to do so by May 31.

May 31: Equipment Requirements

Please read the main CNSC page section on equipment carefully, concerning what equipment will be provided, and what you should bring.

May 27: Early Bird details posted

Early Bird details are now posted, and players are encouraged to register for the event ASAP, as space is limited.

May 25: Detailed schedule posted

Not sure when we’ll be having tea? Check out the newly posted detailed schedule.

May 25: Prizes donated by Sam Kantimathi

As in past years, Sam Kantimathi of SamTimer.com has generously donated merchandise prizes to the CNSC. This year, the Sportsmanship Award recipient will receive a SamBoard Apple, and an as yet undetermined prizewinner will receive a FlipTimer.

May 16: Biographical Information Deadline

We need the following information in each player's NASPA profile in order to prepare media kits, an important part of the CNSC. If you have not already done so, please be sure to check your NASPA profile to see that it has your date of birth, mailing address, email address, phone number, shirt size and profession. Failure to do so may result in the organizer guessing about some of this information, with potentially disastrous consequences.

May 14: Eastern Qualifier results

Congratulations to Jackson Smylie and Shan Abbasi, the last two players to qualify, at today's Eastern Qualifier in Valens, ON.

May 8: Alternate players

The Advisory Board has ruled that James Leong's place in the rating qualification list should be after Andy Saunders and ahead of Priya Fernando and Curtis Kowalski.

May 7-8: Western Qualifier results

Congratulations to Jeff Parsons and Betty Bergeron for qualifying through acclamation at the Western Qualifier, originally scheduled to be held in Calgary this weekend.

May 10: Hotel Booking Deadline

Today is officially the hotel booking deadline, though since we haven't formally signed a contract with the hotel yet, we may be able to get the event rate extended. Contact John Chew right away if you need help with this.

May 4: John Chew email-only

CNSC organizer John Chew will be travelling to Europe May 4–19 for the European Open and Malta International Scrabble Open, and will be reachable by email but not by phone during that time.

March 31: Registration Closed

Registration is now closed for players who wish to qualify on rating.