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January 11th, 2023: STRIGOSE

Definition: STRIGOSE adj covered with short, stiff hairs

Anagrams: gorsiest

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Digestors ergotisMs

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: Argosies Crosstie Digestor egotisMs egotisTs ergotisM erotisMs estrioLs geNitors gHostier gListers gLossier goOsiest goriNess gossiPer griseoUs gristeRs gristLes groDiest grosseSt groViest Hoisters Horsiest Mortises oestriNs ogreisMs orgiAsts Prosiest Prosties rePosits resigHts resistoR riNgtoss riPostes roisteRs serositY serPigos sHorties sigHters sogGiest soNgster sorRiest sortiNgs steroiDs stiNgers stoDgier storAges tressiNg trigNess triPoses trisoMes Vertigos

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: egis ego egoist egoists egos er erg ergo ergot ergots ergs eros ers erst es ess est ests et gesso gest gests get gets gi gie gies giro giros girt girts gis gist gists git gite gites gits go goer goers goes goest goiter goiters goitre goitres gor gore gores goriest gorse gorses gos got griot griots grist grists grit grits gross grot grots ire ires is it its oe oes ogre ogres ogress oi or ore ores org orgies orgs ors ort orts os ose oses osier osiers re reg regs rei reis res resist resit resits rest rests ret rets rig rigs riot riots rise rises rite rites roe roes rose roses roset rosets rosiest rosti rostis rot rote rotes roti rotis rots seg sego segos segs sei seis seisor ser sers set sets si sig sigs sir sire sires sirs sis sister sit site sites sits so sore sores sorest sori sorites sort sortes sortie sorties sorts sos sot sots sri sris sties stir stirs stogie stogies store stores stories te teg tegs tes ti tie tier tiers ties tiger tigers tigress tire tires tiro tiros tis to toe toes tog togs tor tore tores tori tories (and 22 more)

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