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March 29th, 2020: STOVER

Definition: STOVER*STOVERS n coarse food for cattle

Anagrams: strove troves voters

Hooks: stoverS

Ana-hooks: Corvets Coverts oBverts oversEt revoLts revotEs troveRs veCtors vetoErs votresS

'Typos': shover stiver stoker stoner stoper storer stoved stoves

Blana-grams: Averts Avoset Bevors Corset Corves Corvet Coster Covers Covert Covets Doters Droves erGots esCort evErts Fetors Forest Fortes Foster Groves Horste Hovers Lovers Metros Movers Nestor Noters oAters oBvert orAtes osetrA ostLer otHers otTers oUster oUters oXters oYster Pervos Poster Presto Proves reCtos rePots resHot resoRt resPot retRos revEst revEts revoLt revotE rIvets rosetS rosteR rotTes roUtes roveRs sCoter seCtor servoS sHrove soevEr soFter soLver sorBet soreSt sorteD sorteR sorteS sortIe soUter sovIet stArve sterEo steroL storeD storeS storeY stoUre strIve stroBe stroDe stroKe teNors teNsor tHroes tHrove toKers toNers toPers torIes torOse torseS torTes tosSer toTers toWers toYers trAves trIose troKes troNes troPes troveR tsoreS tUrves vAster veCtor verIst versEt versoS verstE verstS vertUs vestrY vetoEr vetoEs vIreos voLtes voMers vorteX voWers Worset Zoster

Extensions: EstoverS

Sub-anagrams: er eros ers erst es est et oe oes or ore ores ors ort orts os ose over overs overt re res rest ret rets rev revs roe roes rose roset rot rote rotes rots rove roves ser servo set sev so sore sort sot store stove te tes to toe toes tor tore tores tors torse tres trove verso verst vert verts vest vet veto vets voe voes vote voter votes

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