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May 19th, 2019: RECTO

Definition: RECTO*RECTOS n a right-hand page of a book

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: rectoR rectoS

Ana-hooks: coAter coLter coOter coPter corNet corSet corteX corVet coSter cotTer coUter coVert croUte erotIc eScort Hector Lector recoAt rocHet rocKet rotcHe Scoter Sector tocHer trocHe Vector

'Typos': recta recti

Blana-grams: Actor cAret cArte cAter ceNto ceorL ceroS certS cHert cHore cIter coDer coMer coMet coMte coNte coOer coPer coreD coreR coreS corSe coSet coteD coteS coUrt coVer coVet coWer coYer crAte creDo crePt creSt croFt croNe croRe croZe crUet cUret cUter Decor Doter erEct erGot erUct eScot Fetor Force Forte Metro Noter oAter ocHer ocHre ocKer ocreA octeT oFter oNcet orAte otHer otTer oUter oUtre oVert oXter reAct recIt recoN recUt rePot retcH retRo roSet rotcH roteS rotTe roUte Score Store tAroc teLco teNor tercE tHroe toKer toNer toPer torcH torcS toreS torIc torSe torTe toTer toWer toYer trAce trIce trocK troDe troKe troNe troPe troVe trUce Voter Wrote

Extensions: ErectoR rectoRS rectoRY DIrectoR ErectoRS CORrectoR DIrectoRS DIrectoRY rectoCELE rectoRATE rectoRIAL rectoRIES CODIrectoR CORrectoRS VITrectoMY rectoCELES rectoRATES rectoRSHIP CODIrectoRS DIrectoRATE DIrectoRIAL DIrectoRIES GASTrectoMY NEPHrectoMY SUBDIrectoR rectoRSHIPS CLITOrectoMY DIrectoRATES DIrectoRSHIP HYSTErectoMY OOPHOrectoMY SUBDIrectoRS SUBDIrectoRY VITrectoMIES DIrectoRSHIPS SUBDIrectoRIES

Sub-anagrams: cero cert cor core cot cote eco er et oe or orc ore ort re rec ret roc roe rot rote te tec to toe tor torc tore

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