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February 25th, 2018: REDSHIFT

Definition: REDSHIFT*REDSHIFTS n a displacement of the spectrum of a celestial body toward the longer wavelengths

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: redshiftS

Ana-hooks: heAdfirst

'Typos': redshirt

Blana-grams: diethErs disherIt ditChers drifteRs fiGhters freiGhts friGhted hArdiest refiGhts resiftEd shifterS shiftIer thirsTed

Extensions: redshiftED

Sub-anagrams: de def defi defis deft deist deshi desi die dies diet diets dif difs dire direst dirt dirts dis dish dit dite dites dither dithers dits drest dries driest drift drifts ed edh edhs edit edits eds ef efs eft efts eh er ers erst es est et eth eths fe fed feds feh fehs feist fer fes fest fet fetid fetish fets fid fids fie fir fire fired fires firs first firth firths fish fished fisher fist fisted fit fits fresh fret frets fried fries frise frit frites frith friths frits he heft hefts heir heirs heist her herd herds hers hes hest het hets hi hid hide hider hiders hides hie hied hies hire hired hires his hist histed hit hits id ides ids if ifs ire ired ires is it ither its re red redfish reds ref refit refits refs reft rei reif reifs reis res resh resid resift resit rest ret rets rid ride rides rids rif rife rifest rifs rift rifted rifts rise rite rites sei seif ser serf serif set sh she shed sherd sherif shied shier shift shifted shifter shire shirt shirted shit shite shred shri shrift si side sidh sidhe sift sifted (and 41 more)

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