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September 16th, 2009: HAERES

Definition: HAERES*HAEREDES n heres

Anagrams: hearse

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: aDheres aeThers hareeMs heaDers heaLers heaPers heareRs hearseD hearseS heaTers heaVers reaChes reheaRs reheaTs reshaPe reshaVe sheareD sheareR Whereas

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: aDhere aerIes aeTher aFresh aGrees ahOrse aMeers arChes areNes areTes ashIer ashLer ashOre aVerse Basher Chares Chaser Cheers Crease Creesh Dasher eaGers eaGres earThs easIer easTer eaTers eraseD eraseR eraseS esChar eThers Gasher Gerahs Grease haLers hareeM hareMs haTers haVers haWser haYers haZers heaDer heaLer heaPer heareR hearTs heaTer heaVer heaVes heDers hereaT heresY herMae herOes herPes heWers heXers hIrees hOarse Kasher Larees Lasher Leaser Masher Phrase raGees raKees raMees raNees raPhes rasheR rasheS raZees reaLes reaVes rehaBs rehasH reheaR reheaT reheMs resaLe reseaL reseaT reseaU reseDa resheS reshOe reWash rheMes rUshee sareeS seaLer seaMer searCh seareD seareR seaTer seraPe seraPh shaDer shaKer shaPer shareD shareR shareS shaVer shearS sheaVe sheerS sherPa sheWer shMear sPahee sPhere Teaser Theres Threes Urease Washer Wheres

Extensions: APhaeresES APhaeresIS

Sub-anagrams: ae ah ahs ar are ares ars as ash ear ears ease eh er era eras erase ere ers es ha hae haes hare hares has he hear hears her here heres hers hes rah ras rase rash re ree rees res resh rhea rheas sae saree sea sear see seer ser sera sere sh sha share she shea shear sheer

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