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March 4th, 2009: BOLETUS

Definition: BOLETUS*BOLETI*BOLETUSES n a fungus

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: Absolute Doublets obtuselY outblesS tRoubles tubUlose

'Typos': boletes

Blana-grams: beFouls besHout blouseD blouseS blusteR boAtels bolDest bolsteR bolteRs boluseS bosQuet botTles bouCles boulLes bRulots bulLets bustleD bustleR bustleS butleRs Doubles Doublet eMbolus Foulest Goblets lobsteR lobuLes lotuseS louDest luteoUs Noblest oblAtes obtuseR outbeGs outleTs outlIes outselL outsOle Pueblos Roubles selLout solubLe soluteS stubBle stuMble sublAte subletS sublotS subPlot subtIle subtleR subtoNe suNbelt tousleD tousleS touZles tRouble tubUles tuMbles tuPelos uNbelts uNblest uNbolts Volutes

Extensions: boletusES

Sub-anagrams: be bel bels belt belts bes besot best bet bets blest blet blets blot blots blouse blue blues bluest bluet bluets bo bole boles bolt bolts bolus bos bot botel botels bots boule boules bouse bout bouts bus bust bustle but bute buteo buteos butes butle butles buts el els es et lest let lets leu lo lob lobe lobes lobs lose lost lot lots lotus louse lout louts lube lubes lues lust lute lutes obe obelus obes obtuse oe oes ole oles os ose ousel oust out outs sel set slob sloe slot slub slue slut so sob sol sole solute sot sou soul stob stole stub sub sublet sublot subtle sue suet tel telos tels to toe toes tole toles tolu tolus touse tousle tub tube tubes tubs tule tules us use ut ute utes uts

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