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November 10th, 2008: WINESAP

Definition: WINESAP*WINESAPS n a red apple with somewhat tart flesh

Anagrams: (none)

Hooks: winesapS

Ana-hooks: pinwaLes

'Typos': pinesap winesop

Blana-grams: aLpines anYwise enwRaps epinaOs Fanwise iMpawns inpHase insCape inswepT inwRaps Lawines Manwise napPies paesAni panDies panieRs pansieS panTies paTines pawneEs pawneRs pineaLs pinwaLe Rapines Ripsawn sapienS sapienT senOpia spaeinG spanieL spawneD spawneR spewinG spinaGe spinaTe spLenia sTewpan Tawnies Tawpies waHines waniesT waspieR weapOns

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ae ai ain ains ais an ane anes anew ani anis anise ape apes apse as asp aspen aw awe awes awn awns en ens es in ins is na nae nap nape napes naps naw ne neap neaps new news nip nipa nipas nips pa pain pains paise pan pane panes pans pas pase paw pawn pawns paws pe pea pean peans peas pein peins pen penis pens pes pew pews pi pia pian pians pias pie pies pin pina pinas pine pines pins pis psi sae sain sane sap saw sawn sea sei sen sepia sew sewan sewn si sin sine sinew sip sipe snap snaw sneap snip snipe spa spae span spawn spean spew spin spine swain swan swap swine swipe wae waes wain wains wan wane wanes wans wap waps was wasp we wean weans wen wens win wine wines wins wipe wipes wis wise wisp

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