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May 28th, 2008: PTISANS

Definition: 1. PTISANS noun_plural (see PTISAN 1) 2. PTISAN*PTISANS n a tea of herbs or barley

Anagrams: pissant

Hooks: (none)

Ana-hooks: pastinAs pianIsts pissantS pUissant sanDpits sapiEnts spiRants stEapsin

'Typos': paisans

Blana-grams: aptnEss Catnips Entasis Hatpins inspaNs instaLs instaRs instEps isatIns issUant nastiEs panDits pansiEs pantiEs passAnt passinG passiOn pastiEs pastiLs pastinA pastinG patinAs patinEs patnEss patsiEs pEtsais pianIst pinatAs pistOns pitMans pitsaWs pLaints pOstins Rapists sanDpit santiMs santiRs sapiEns sapiEnt sEitans sEstina sHantis spastiC spaVins spinaLs spinatE spinEts spintOs spiRant spitaLs spLints spRains spRints staTins stRains sUstain taipAns tanisTs tansiEs tapisEs tisanEs

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ai ain ains ais ait aits an ani anis ant anti antis ants apsis apt as asp aspis asps ass at in inapt ins is it its na nap naps nip nipa nipas nips nit nits pa pain pains paint paints pan pans pant pants pas pass past pastis pasts pat patin patins pats pi pia pian pians pias pin pina pinas pins pint pinta pintas pints pis pit pita pitas pits psi psis psst pst ptisan sain sains saint saints sans sap saps sasin sat sati satin satins satis si sin sins sip sips sis sit sits snap snaps snip snips snit snits spa spait spaits span spans spas spat spats spin spins spit spits stain stains ta tain tains tan tans tap tapis taps tas tass ti tin tins tip tips tis

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