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November 29th, 2006: TETRACID

Definition: TETRACID*TETRACIDS n a type of acid

Anagrams: citrated tetradic

Hooks: tetracidS

Ana-hooks: aStricted Bratticed criStated redictatE Urticated

'Typos': (none)

Blana-grams: acCredit acrideSt adMitter articLed attriTed Brattice ceratOid cHattier citrateS criState detractS detritaL diceNtra dictateD dictateS dictatOr diStract iNteract iteratEd Lacertid Latticed Nictated Nitrated Picrated radicAte raticIde readDict Scattier Striated tardieSt teratOid tHeatric tiMecard titraTed tracHeid tractiLe tractiVe triFecta Urticate

Extensions: (none)

Sub-anagrams: ace aced acid acre acred acrid act acted ad adit ae ai aid aide aider air aired airt airted ait ar arc arced are areic arid art at ate atretic att attic attire attired cad cade cadet cadi cadre caid caird car card care cared caret caried cart carte carted cat cate cater catted cattie cattier cedar cedi ceria cider cire cite cited citer citrate crate crated cred credit cried crit dace dacite dare daric dart date dater de deair dear derat detract dice dicer dicta dictate die diet dire direct dirt dit dita dite drat ear eat ed edict edit er era erica et eta etic ice iced id idea irade irate ire ired it race raced rad rai raid rat rate rated ratite ratted re react read rec recit recta recti red redact redia rei ret retia ria rice riced rid ride rite ta tace tacet tacit tact tad tae tar tare tared tart tarted tat tate tater tea tear teat tecta ted terai tet tetra tetrad tetri ti tic tide tie tied tier tirade tire tired tit titer titre trace traced tract trad trade trait tread treat tret triac triad trice triced tried trite

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